Wooden It Be Nice

A table-leg turned into a penguin or an armrest that becomes an owl; this is how to build a career in design. Well it has been for the ever-resourceful Lars Beller Fjetland, whose avian ornaments made from leftover pieces of wood from unwanted furniture have flown off retail shelves across the world.


His Re-turned set also includes a kiwi, a pigeon and a sparrow; all with a similar graphic style, rounded form and cone-shaped beak, but each with its own defining features in oak, walnut, maple or mahogany.

The home accessories are produced and distributed by Italy-based furniture brand Discipline, along with the majority of Beller Fjetland’s designs.

The 2012 Bergen National Academy of the Arts graduate, who grew up on Norway’s west coast, aims to find new forms and uses for natural materials.
His cork, wood and stone products for Discipline span furniture, lighting and accessories, which all come in a variety of colours and finishes.

Seats in the Drifted series feature a circular cork seat supported by four solid oak legs. Within the range is a chair with a Windsor-style wooden back and stools in two different heights, with options for aluminium footrests.

Beller Fjetland’s Maya flat-pack tables comprise circular stone tops and three oak planks for legs, while his Pianissimo hanging lamp is formed from a frosted glass diffuser encircled by a fluted cork shade.

The buoyant bark material is also used to create Pomme: an inedible but useful apple for pinning small notes or mementos to, which is topped off with a leather stalk.

Discipline’s products can be found across London in well-known stores including Heal’s, Liberty and The Conran Shop.

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