The Ripple Effect: Connecting People and Nature

at London Design Biennale: Digital Event

Norway’s digital contribution to London Design Biennale 2021 will bring people closer to the ocean and the Nordic fjords, waterways and rugged coast.

Norwegian design and architecture firms Snøhetta and Feste Landscape – Architecture, tourism company The Fjords, shipyard Brødrene Aa and the founders of the underwater restaurant Under will join Alice Macdonald, Policy and Campaigns Director, Project Everyone to present how the “northern way” connects with the UN Global Goals, and how inclusive sustainable design in resonance with nature provides positive ripple effects for people, the environment and business.

The digital event takes place from 1.30pm BST on 17 June 2021. Register free here:
Norway | London Design Biennale

– Rune Grasdal, Senior Architect, Snøhetta
– Stig Ubostad & Kathrine Ubostad, Owners, Under Restaurant
– Helle K. Bakkeland, Commercial manager, The Fjords
– Torstein Aa, Industrial designer, Brødrene Aa Shipyard
– David Fjågesund, Architect and Partner, Feste Landscape – Architecture
– Alice Macdonald, Policy and Campaigns Director, Project Everyone

Chair: Amy Frearson, Editor-at-large, Dezeen

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