Per Olaf Fjeld discusses Louis Kahn

at London Festival of Architecture

The Norwegian architect Per Olaf Fjeld (read our interview with Fjeld here) joins fellow panellists from Estonia and Britain at London Festival of Architecture for a free online discussion on the celebrated American architect Louis Kahn. The talk will be held on 10 June at 4pm.


In 2021, we celebrate the 120th anniversary of Kahn’s birth. This event explores how Kahn’s work continues to shape the understanding of timeless modernism today and Kahn’s little-known Nordic ties: early childhood in Estonia, his travels and how his early experiences in Estonia would shape his architectural sensibility.

Louis I Kahn teaching in studio. Left to right: Norman Rice, Per Olaf Fjeld with notebook, Le Ricolais and Louis Kahn in profile with folded arms. “I teach myself when I teach others” (property of Per Olaf Fjeld)


Per Olaf Fjeld (Norway) – architect, scholar and Kahn’s former student, co-author of ’Louis I. Kahn – the Nordic Latitudes’ with Emily Randall Fjeld.

Heie Treier (Estonia) – art historian, author of ’KAHN – The Islander’, researching connection between Kahn’s work and the medieval architecture of his birthplace – Estonian island Saaremaa.

Elain Harwood (UK) – expert on post-war architecture, currently with Historic England and author of Space, Hope and Brutalism: English Architecture, 1945-1975.

Chaired by:

Owen Hopkins (UK) – director of the Farrell Centre at Newcastle University.

This event is organised by the Estonian Embassy in London and Louis Kahn Estonia Foundation, with the kind support from the Norwegian Embassy in London.

Top photo: The Fisher House in Pennsylvania, designed by Louis Kahn in 1967 (Per Olaf Fjeld)

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