Norwegian design at London Design Festival 2017

at Old Truman Brewery, Warehouse 89 & Olympia London

An annual celebration of international design, London Design Festival 2017 kicks off this September. Make sure to catch Norwegian design from Wik & Walsøe and Lundhs at this year’s London Design Fair, an exciting pop-up from leading manufacturer Vestre and the acclaimed Rodeo chair from Rodeo Holding.


London Design Festival is among the most thrilling and innovative design festivals in the world. Norwegian design has traditionally revolved around honest, natural materials, something that is also evident in this year’s exhibitons.

Wik & Walsøe

Wik & Walsøe's Contemporary Tradirion

Wik & Walsøe’s Contemporary Tradition

Over the past decade, Wik & Walsøe has become a brand of significance on the Norwegian and Scandinavian market, specialising on fine porcelain and glass production. At the London Design Fair, Wik & Walsøe presents the exhibition Contemporary Tradition. Tradition has become a fascination and a challenge at the studio, and the exhibition contains traditional product design with a modern twist. A central aim for Wik & Walsøe is to provide products that resonate with people, and that have lasting sentimental value. This includes a strong connection with nature and sustainability and one of the studio’s core values is to create long-lasting products with the least possible environmental impact.


Lundhs (Photo: Morten Rakke)

Lundhs. Photo: Morten Rakke

Generations of experience has made Lundhs Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone. Lundhs field of expertise is wide,  and their “Real Stone” materials, obtained from millions year old quarries, decorate and characterise buildings worldwide, including Norwegian spa Farris Bad, 7-star hotel Burj-Al-Arab i Dubai and countless shops and premises across Manhattan. Lundhs has also specialised in design and creation of distinctive products based on this material.

Lundhs - Photo: :orten Rakke

Lundhs. Photo: Morten Rakke

Lundhs will also display and present unique products made of natural stone at the London Design Fair  and invites all with an interest in design to take a closer look.


Vestre Street Funiture in London (Photo: Jim Stephenson)

Vestre Street Funiture in London. Photo: Jim Stephenson

For generations, Vestre has been a leading manufacturer of furniture for cities, parks and outdoor public spaces. Their products are designed and produced in Scandinavia, with a focus on good quality and long durability. After a stopping across Europe and in New York, Vestre brings their new pop-up furniture concept «Nordic Life in Urban Spaces», to London Design Festival. The concept concerns the future of cities and focuses on how the accessibility of urban life in the Nordic countries can inspire landscape architecture and city organisations elsewhere.

Vestre Street Funiture in Oslo (Photo: Tomasz Majewski/Vestre)

Vestre Street Funiture in Oslo. Photo: Tomasz Majewski/Vestre

Vestre’s pop-up furniture installation will be on display for two days at the event Shoreditch Design Triangle, and their designers will be present to discuss this project as well as other products. Be sure not to miss it.

Rodeo Holding

Norwegian Rodeo Holding designs elegant chairs with the function of strengthening core muscles  and increasing spinal health. The Rodeo chair has been well received among professionals and consumers and was awarded DOGA’s Award for Design Excellence in 2015.

Rodeo Holdings will bring their distinctive Rodeo chair to the event 100% Design during London Design Festival. Founder Frode Skretting, who is a former physical therapist and athlete, will be present to meet audiences and discuss the relationship between design and function.


Top Photo: Vestre Street Funiture in New York / Júlia Martins Miranda


Old Truman Brewery & Warehouse 89 & Olympia London





16 – 24 September




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