Inclusive design in the classroom

at London Design Biennale

At London Design Biennale 2018, the Norwegian Pavilion explores the impact of inclusive design in education – and, ultimately, society as a whole –¬†through an interactive classroom installation.


Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, presents an interactive exhibition comprising two ground-breaking examples of inclusive design and technology coming together to improve educational outcomes, individual wellbeing and public health: Kahoot! and No Isolation’s AV1.

One is a virtual gaming platform designed to engage students in social learning both within and beyond the classroom walls; the other is a unique telepresence robot that allows students dealing with long-term illness to preserve a link to their schooling and social life. Pop over to Somerset House this September for hands-on experiences of these pioneering technologies in a close-to-reality setting.


Somerset House




4-23 September



£19.50 Book here.

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