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Norway likes to take an unconventional approach to cultural events – and the fashion show is no exception. As part of this year’s International Fashion Showcase (a public celebration of emerging global talent in which 30 countries go head-to-head in competition), Norway and Denmark have joined forces to create an exhibit that brings a fresh and playful perspective to the creative process of clothing design.


Six of the most exciting emerging designers from our two countries will have their clothes displayed alongside candid and revealing photographic portraits depicting the designers posing in their own pieces. Fashion designers are rarely seen wearing their own work, so this exhibition presents a unique opportunity to get an insight into the personality behind the clothing and the relationship between creator and creation.

Norway Madelen Ljungren Kajsa Gullberg

Driven by a desire to break the monotony of conventional fashion imagery, Copenhagen-based photographer Kajsa Gullberg looks beyond catalogue and catwalk to bring the mind behind the brand into the spotlight, showing the pieces as the designer intended them to be worn and thus offering a glimpse into their creative thinking – and the passion and humour behind it.

Norway Marthe Andreasson Kajsa Gullberg

Three of the most intriguing and innovative young designers from each country have been invited to participate: Madelen Ljunggren, Peter Schamaun, Marthe Andreassen, Maria Sloth, Tilde Bay Kristoffersen and Line Frank . Each of them brings a fresh approach to methods, materials and fashion themes, which Gullberg’s honest and engaging portraits help to highlight. By presenting these images alongside the designers’ collections, the exhibition represents fashion as art installation, inviting viewers to consider the process of fashion design from a new and enlightening perspective.

The exhibition is organised by the British Council and British Fashion Council and takes place in parallel with London Fashion Week.


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