Voila! Europe festival: Vol 2.0 and Sisters, 11 Yeas Later

at The Cockpit & Etcetera Theatre

Voila! Europe is an annual theatre festival in London, bringing together British and European theatre makers. This year they present two Norwegian shows,Vol 2.0 and Sisters, 11 Years Later.


Sisters – 11 Years Later explores the dynamics of two generations of sisters, and how they deal with loss and death with wit, strength, and affection. You will not only become intimately acquainted with this family from Northern Norway, but surely recognise your own family here, too.

45 Feet Tall company brings VOL 2.0 – an experimental and high-octane physical performance in which two men rally with and against themselves and each other whilst exploring the edges of their relationships.


The Cockpit & Etcetera Theatre









Thu, 16 November at 8:pm

Fri, 17 November at 8.45pm

Sat, 18 November at 5pm



£10 book here

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