at The Questors Theatre

The Questors Theatre presents Henrik Ibsen’s classic Rosmersholm in London.


The themes of political and psychological changes is central in Rosmersholm. At the Rosmersholm manor Johannes Rosmer’s wife, Beata, commits suicide by throwing herself into the mill race. The suicide drives Rosmer to abandon his work as a pastor, and to support the newly elected radical government’s agenda. Independent free-thinker Rebecca West, a friend of Beata’s, still lives at Rosmersholm even after her death. Rosmer’s brother-in-law, Dr. Magnus Kroll, tries to stop Rosmer’s new, radical way of thinking. Dr. Kroll then reveals some uncomfortable secrets about Rebecca. What is the real reason behind Beata’s suicide?

Top photo: Jane Arnold-Forster.


The Questors Theatre

12 Mattock Lane


London W5 5BQ





7.45 PM



From £14

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