The Lady from the Sea

at Print Room at the Coronet

The Norwegian Ibsen Company and Print Room at the Coronet present The Lady from the Sea, marking the 130th anniversary of the first ever production of the play in 1889. Director Marit Moum Aune and Kåre Conradi; the Artistic Director of the Norwegian Ibsen Company, lead the joint English/Norwegian production of Henrik Ibsen’s timeless story.


The play centres around Ellida, played by Pia Tjelta, a lighthouse-keeper’s daughter. Feeling trapped in her marriage, she longs for the open sea. The return of a former lover forces Ellida to make a difficult choice between freedom or the familiar. What consequences does the choices we make have for ourselves and others?

In this version of The Lady from the Sea the Doctor and his family are English, adding a new relationship dynamic within the play itself. Both English and Norwegian is spoken during the performance, with English subtitles for the Norwegian sections.

Top photo: Julie Pike.


Print Room at the Coronet

103 Notting Hill Gate

London W11 3LB







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