The Vikings at Helgeland by Henrik Ibsen

at Drayton Arms Theatre

The 19th-century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen is widely considered one of the finest western dramatists since Shakespeare.


Now, for the first time since the 1930s,  London theatregoers have the opportunity to experience his rarely seen 1857 work The Vikings at Helgeland.

Set in 10th-century Norway, at the time of Eric Blood-axe, Ibsen’s seventh play is inspired by Icelandic family sagas, weaving domestic drama into savage revenge tragedy, all wound around the confined, furious passions of Hjordis – a earlier, wilder prototype for Hedda Gabler. The production, directed by Antonio Ferrara, combines Ibsen’s mastery of psychological detail and astute social critique with the bold plots and larger-than-life characterisation you’d expect from an episode of Game of Thrones.


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London SW5 0LJ



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