Ibsen’s Wild Duck

at the Barbican Centre

For its International Ibsen Season, London’s Barbican Centre took three of the Norwegian playwright’s most celebrated plays and reinterpreted them for the modern age, illuminating the concerns within Ibsen’s original texts that still resonate powerfully today.


The last of the three plays, The Wild Duck, runs until 1 November. This version, reimagined by Australian director Simon Stone, fiercely distils the original script for the contemporary stage, with the action unfolding within a glass enclosure.

The Wild Duck, Anthony Phelan and Eloise Mignon
The Wild Duck, Eloise Mignon and Anthony Phelan
The Wild Duck, Anita Hegh and Ewen Leslie
The Wild Duck, Eloise Mignon

Hjalmar lives in a flat with his wife, senile father, visually impaired daughter and a duck. He’s reasonably content, until his old friend Gregers returns to town, armed with disturbing revelations that threaten to blow their lives apart. Stone’s bold adaption “goes straight for the jugular”, with rapidly paced scenes, intense emotive power and, yes, a live duck.


Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS





£16–£32, plus £3–£4 booking fee

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