Det Andre Teatret: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Fresh from selling out the National Theatre in Oslo, award-winning poet and writer Fredrik Høyer from Det Andre Teatret, brings his critically acclaimed story about marathons and life to Edinburgh Fringe.


Inspired by Karuki Murakami’s book with the same name, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is a striking story told from the treadmill, by award-winning poet Fredrik Høyer, equipped with a pulse belt showing his heart rate in real time. Some years ago, Høyer was challenged by his then employer to run the Oslo Marathon. But, what does running really mean? Is it an escape, a pursuit, a fight, a relaxation? Perhaps running isn’t such a good picture of life anyway. Perhaps running is just running.

In this beautiful, existential and exhaustingly funny performance, spoken word, storytelling and The Other Theatre’s close and unruly style meet. Det Andre Teatret (The Other Theatre) is Norway’s first and largest independent improv/fringe theatre.

Top Photo: Tor Orset


ZOO Charteris – Aviary




2.15 pm



£9-10. Book here.

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