The Master Builder – dreams, duty and desire

at The Questors Theatre

Henrik Ibsen is a popular man in London these days, with several theatres gearing up to show his dramas throughout the winter. The Master Builder is perhaps the most autobiographical play of them all, and The Questors theatre in Ealing is preparing to give the London audience a taste of Halvard Solness’ struggles this November.

The play is translated by Kenneth McLeish, and is certain to feature just the right amount of tension and human complexity as the original. If you’re allergic to any form of spoilers, look away now. Here’s a quick recap of The Master Builder:

Following a life of outstanding success as a master builder, despite the personal tragedies affecting his family and marriage, Halvard Solness now lives in fear that the younger generation will displace him and make his life meaningless. But the unexpected arrival of a bewitching young woman, to hold him to a forgotten 10-year-old promise, gives him new inspiration. As the characters gradually reveal themselves, the drama teems with tensions – between the free creative spirit and morality, self-knowledge and guilt, youth and age.

Is it possible to build castles in the sky while your demons are dragging you down?

Intrigued? Watch the trailer here. Suitable for ages 11+


The Questors Theatre, 12 Mattock Lane, Ealing W5 5BQ





27 November – 5 December



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