The courageous play A Remarkable Person comes to Brighton

at Sweet St Andrews Church

Written, performed and directed by Norwegian Pernille Dahl Johnsen, the award-winning, thought-provoking play A Remarkable Person is ready to take on the British audience in Brighton this spring.


Norwegian writer and actor Pernille Dahl Johnsen invites you to embark on a neurotic and psychologically revealing journey in the mind of a female author struggling to escape the constraints of an ‘identity-trap’. Presented by Johnsen & Johnsen produksjoner, A Remarkable Person comes to Brighton Fringe Festival this spring. “Identity is both a passion and a problem for many contemporary people today, and therefore Johnsen & Johnsen wishes to give our audience the opportunity to explore and philosophize about this important topic,” Johnsen says.

Photo: Ola Røe

Photo: Ola Røe

”It’s the Fringe play you hope to stumble on by chance. Think Stoppard at his funniest, Aykbourn at his sharpest, Frayn at his peak…If you appreciate the three British playwrights listed abut, you will love A Remarkable Person… Do not expect Nordic gloom! Expect text based observational theatre at its sophisticated best.” – Ray Brown, British Theatre Guide

Delving into the intricacies of our contemporary psyche, A Remarkable Person is an existential and humorous production. Together with Hedda award winning Kristine Myhre Tunheim and acclaimed classically trained actor Espen Oestman, Johnsen help portray different stages of the female character’s self discovery.

A Remarkable Person

Photo: Ola Røe

“…a really fascinating dichotomy of thought within the human condition… this show really does creates something very special indeed, the sort of play where you want to leave and read it over in your own time…Its philosophical without being too abstract to understand, and has such a relevance to modern thinking and life that I dare you not to leave reflecting on how you construct your own facade.”  – Broadway Baby

Turning the idea of ‘identity’ on its head, this thought-provoking and courageous production questions the need for an identity. Is it founded or is the ‘identity-illusion’ just self obsession which steals focus away from a far more important question: What do we want to do with our lives?


Sweet Venues: St Andrews Church, Brighton




May 29 – June 4, 5pm




£9. Book here.

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