The Art of Re-Enchantment by Frans Widerberg

at University Gallery, Newcastle

Oslo-born artist Frans Widerberg is known for his bold, almost-psychadelic works that reach beyond conventional reality to a world where natural laws do not apply.


This spring, the gallery space at University Gallery plays host to his unique, instantly recognisable yet immensely varied canvases, which, in his own words, explore “a pictorial universe where up is down and down is up; where far away is close and close is even closer – or farther away”. widerberg

Current exhibition ‘The Art of Re-Enchantment’ takes visitors on a tour of these semi-mythical realms, where a cast of alienated humans, floating figures, winged dogs, harpies and bears wander a striking universe of saturated reds, blues and yellows.


University Gallery and Baring Wing,
Northumbria University Sandyford Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ST



Opening Times

Februar 6 – 2 April 2015

Admission Free



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