Marte Eknæs at Reboot Horizon

at Cell Project Space

This winter, East London’s Cell Project Space is exhibiting the work of three artists whose work explores the relationship between natural landscapes and the commercialised environments of business, retail and leisure.


Alongside contributions from Alice Khalilova and Santiago Taccetti, Norwegian artist Marte Eknæs exhibits various pieces that consider the encroachment of corporate exploitation on the arena of human health, including the exhibition’s centrepiece, a vastly oversized version of an orthopaedic neck rest.

Adult object, 2014. Fabric, styrofoam balls, zipper
Verticalia IV, 2013
Installation view

Eknæs, who has previously exhibited in LA, Detroit, Oslo and Milan, draws inspiration from the concept of the controlled public space, where leisure and health has become the latest domain to be optimised for commercial profit. By isolating fragments of product design, dismantling and recombining them, Eknæs succeeds in raising searching questions about function and intent.


Cell Project Space
258 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9DA




12–6pm, Thursday to Sunday



Admission is free

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