London Art Biennale 2017 presents four Norwegian painters

at Chelsea Old Town Hall

For the third time, award exhibition London Art Biennale presents some of the finest contemporary art from across the world – this year featuring four exciting Norwegian Artists.


Showcasing artists who have exhibited in some of the world’s most important museums as well as emerging artists selected for their talent, London Art Biennale 2017 kicks off on March 29. This edition, curated by Roberto Gagliardi, features works of Norwegian artists Ellen Juell, Torill Sæther Krekke, Kjell Folkvord and Ingvill Solberg.

Ellen Juell

Ellen Juell – The Dancing Couple I

With bold, vibrant complimentary colours, Ellen Juells impressionistic acrylic paintings capture a colourful expression of curiosity and our search for harmony and fulfillment. Her interest lies mainly in figures and facial expressions, often with a sense of movements. Having exhibited widely on juried international biennales and exhibitions all over Europe and in New York and Miami, Juell is now ready for London Art Biennale, where she also participated in 2013.

Torill Sæther Krekke - Excluded

Torill Sæther Krekke – Excluded

Working primarily with painting in an expressionist manner, Torill Sæther Krekke uses her voice to shine light on taboos. Her exhibition To Be or Not To Be toured all over Norway, touched a whole country and was, in its entirety, bought by The Norwegian Cancer Society. Using personal experiences in her works, she is currently working on an exhibition about psychopath victims. Krekke exhibits two works at London Art Biennale, Excluded and Catch 22.

Kjell Folkvord -

Kjell Folkvord – Blue in Green

Largely self-taught, Kjell Folkvord’s most important tools are his intellect, life experience, aesthetic sense and identity as individual and artist. With colours being the letters in his painter’s language, Folkvord’s abstract paintings are true emotional expressions of an investigation of his mind and memory. After moving from Norway to London in 2010, he currently works at Wimbledon Art Studios.

Ingvill Solberg - The Soul Soars Above

Ingvill Solberg – The Soul Soars Above

While her works are mainly figurative, Ingvill Solberg often moves towards the abstract, exploring new techniques and materials. Her interest lies in people’s inner landscape and how they are affected by their surroundings, leaving the viewer with a feeling of recognition and curiosity. Living and working in coastal town Stavern in Norway, Solberg has also exhibited in New York and in Italy.


Chelsea Old Town Hall




29 March – 2 April



Free admission. Register here.

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