Hippodrome Silent Film Festival: Laila

at Hippodrome Bo'ness

Hippodrome Silent Film Festival (HippFest) in Edinburgh is screening the classic Sami silent movie Laila (1929), directed by George Schnéevoigt.


Laila is a romantic drama that tells the story of Laila, who was separated from her Norwegian parents and raised amongst the nomadic Sami people. After returning to her birth family, Laila grows up torn between the Christain settlers and the raindeer-herding community who raised her as one of their own. Laila soon finds herself in a love triangle with her foster brother Mellet, and her cousin Anders.

HippFest is Scotland’s first and only festival of silent films, located at the Hippodrome Bo’ness cinema. Norwegian/Scottish folk duo Marit Fält and Rona Wilkie have created a new score combining the music of the indigenous peoples of their respective homes, and will be preforming live at the screening of Laila.

Top photo: Flicker Alle.  


Hippodrome, 10 Hope Street, Bo’ness, EH51 0AA





21 March, 7.00 PM



From £11.50

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