Almost Ibsen – An Improvised Tragedy

at Wilton's Music Hall

Norwegian improvisation actors from Det Andre Teatret are ready to give you a new perspective on one of the greatest playwrights ever to live at the 10th anniversary of The London Jam, a 50-hour Improvathon.


Henrik Ibsen is dead. “Most unfortunate,” some will tell you, “Thank heavens,” say others and “I was not aware of that,” says a very few people. One thing is certain; there is nothing new coming from the hands of the master anymore.

But Norwegian actors from Oslo – the town where Ibsen spent most of his working life – have made it their mission to conjure up new, one act plays by Ibsen – plays that have not yet been written – to ensure a steady flow of new work.

Based on the writings of Ibsen, his themes and narrative style, these Norwegians presents improvisation in a rare, moving and at the same time playful manner. The audience gives a suggestion for an Ibsenesque title, and then it’s pure tragedy until the end.

Det Andre Teatret (The Other Theatre) was founded in 2011, and was Norways first theatre only focusing on improvision.

“…the text reveals unexpectedly beautiful sentences…a beautiful result: the audience is witness to the creation of a play, here and now.”, 2015

Almost Ibsen – An Improvised Tragedy will be performed by Torgny G. Aanderaa and Nils Petter Mørland, costumes by Jenny Bernson and produced by Det Andre Teatret.

Top photo: Tor Orset


17 January, 9.15pm




Wilton’s Music Hall



£12-13,50. Book here.

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