Top Track: Wardruna – Lyfjaberg

When Covid-19 circumstances forced Wardruna to postpone the release of their upcoming album Kvitravn and subsequent UK and Ireland tour to 2021, it was clear to them that they wanted to release new music before then. Music and art can potentially carry great meaning in times of uncertainty, and the band headed straight back to the studio to write and record the song Lyfjaberg.

The ambient, Nordic folk music group is dedicated to create musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions, using the oldest Nordic instruments. The Old Norse word Lyfjaberg means ‘Healing-mountain’ and is known from Norse mythology as a place of comfort and cure for the sick and sore who manage to climb the mountain.

“The song expresses that climbing a tough mountain, both in reality and metaphorically, is a mental as well as a physical effort. I have tried to write this journey up the mountain as one for the mind and spirit as much as the feet and body. Anything of true value, comes at a true cost,” says Einar Selvik.

The video for Lyfjaberg produced by Ragnarok Film has already been viewed over 2,5 million times on YouTube. The mountains at Tustna and the spectacular Trollkirka caves in Norway serve as a beautiful backdrop.

During this year’s digital version of Bergen International Festival, Einar Selvik from Wardruna took part in the opening ceremony together with The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian vocal ensemble The Edvard Grieg Kor.

Lyfjaberg is released by By Norse and features some singing by Iver Sandøy from Enslaved, who also helped with the parts of the recording. For more information about next year’s album release see the Wardruna website.

Top photo: Kim Öhrling