Top Track: Tuvaband – He Said Me Too

Named ‘Ones to Watch’ twice by the Guardian and garnered acclaim by international critics, Tuvaband – aka Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser – has caught our attention by her otherworldly, atmospheric sound. Last month she announced the release of her second album I Entered The Void, launched on 27 November – and last week, we finally got to listen to her second single ‘He Said Me Too’.

‘He Said Me Too’ is a melancholic song about the complex process whereby the oppressed become the oppressor, and the mentality that being a victim creates an increasingly accepted cycle of revenge. Inspired by a series of documentaries and media coverage in Norway, and by witch-hunts and shifting power struggles, Tuva reflects on ideas such as the cycle of war. As she explains: “After a war in a country where one group is oppressed, very often you see that group later go to war against the group that offended”.

Tuvaband will perform at The Lexington in London on 5th February 2020.

Top Photo: Øystein Grutle Haara