Top track: Pieces of Juno – I/O

Euthymia, Juno Jensen’s last record as Pieces of Juno, is out now and brings to end a stunning teatrology of albums.

Juno Jensen has a distinctive style, a quiet yet dramatic sound, which she has developed through years of working as a musician and producer making instrumental electronic music.

The Pieces of Juno project has led to four cinematic, gothic records that circle around themes such as self-knowledge and the many journeys of the mind.

The fourth and last record of the series is a compelling spiritual account pointing back to the search for peace and calmness in oneself- something one could argue we all need in this day and age!

Recorded at Jensen’s home in Oslo (partly in the empty swimming pool in her house), the musicians on the record include Mokri’s drummer Andrea Barsnes, Freddy Holm on a variety of string instruments, Fieh’s Solveig Wang on synths, composer Kristin Bolstad on vocals and even Jensen’s cat (it’s true!) on percussion.

The song we’ve chosen for our top track this week, I/O, makes us want to turn off Netflix, lie down on the floor and stay there. Well for a while at least. We hope it gives you the same calming effect.

Euthymia is out now via KOSO. Buy it at Bandcamp.