Top Track: Ora the Molecule – Salé

After five years spent as a DJ and songwriter in Los Angeles, Oslo girl Nora Way has finally found her way back to Europe. With her in the suitcase she brought German keyboardist Jan and Slovak drummer Seven – and together, they form Ora the Molecule. This international trio have made their mark on Norwegian live scenes this summer – and this September they are ready to dazzle the UK as well.

While their debut song ‘Sugar’ was about, well, sugar, their new single is nothing less than a tribute to the mineral salt. Norwegian vocalist Nora explains: “Salt deserves celebration because it brings flavour to everything, as if all would be mundane and basic without it.” And without further sayings: their new music video is anything but basic.

Ora the Molecule will perform at Electric Ballroom on Wednesday 25 September.

Top photo: Mats Bakken.