Top Track: Moyka – All The Things We Forgot

Associated with big Norwegian musicians such as Susanne Sundför, Aurora and Highasakite, as well as touring with Sigrid this autumn, Moyka is a name worth noting. Behind her artist name, you find Monika Engeseth – a 21-year-old producer and singer-songwriter originally from the valley of Hallingdal in Eastern Norway. In recent years, however, she has been living in Bergen, experimenting with electronic pop inspired by great emotions and contrasts. Her melancholic lyrics are merged into a soundscape that balances on the boundary between the organic and the electronic, with Moyka’s strong vocals at the centre of it all.

Top Track “All The Things We Forgot” is taken from Moyka’s newly released first EP, Circles. This house-grooving song, inspired by the 1990s, offers a sort of ambivalent resolution to her themes of love and loss. “Take me back, take me back again” goes the chorus – with distant memories and nostalgic dreams in an ambiguous line.

Moyka will be playing at Courtyard Theatre in London on Thursday 14 November. Tickets are available here.

Top photo: Signe Luksengard.