Top Track: Moddi – 12.7

The world may often seem hopeless, but Norwegian Pål Moddi Knudsen, known by the artist name Moddi, does not give up. Growing up in the island of Senja in Northern Norway, he showed a special commitment to environmental protection in an early age – an interest that also has had an impact on his musical career. “The first songs I wrote were small attempts to give voice to the voiceless nature,” Moddi has explained about his motivation to start with music. Now, five albums later, he is known for bringing his strong community involvement into his work.

Moddi’s latest record, Like in 1968, is the most socially critical so far, full of songs for a better world. The songs highlight themes that were quite common to sing about in 1968, but which rarely see the light of today’s pop music: Norwegian arms exports, power play, climate crisis, and the importance of caring.

As our Top Track of the week, we are sharing the song ’12.7’. This powerful track is about the irony of Norway branding itself as a peace-building nation while being one of the largest weapon producers in the world – specifically about the 12.7 (mm) Raufoss bullet, which is one of the greatest export successes to come from any Norwegian industrial manufacturer.


“Twelve point seven melts into the skin
like a drop in the sea.
Crushes, severs, lights a fire within;
engineered beauty.

Muscles, marrow, morals and ideals
are left broken behind.
Twelve point seven, everything must yield
to Norwegian design.

Twelve point seven melts into the skin.”


Photo credits: Jørgen Nordby

Moddi’s album ‘Like in 1968’ is out on Propeller Recordings.