Top Track: Maria Mena – Home for Christmas

Maria Mena is know for her honest and unapologetic lyrics and songs, sharing of her own experiences, misfortunes and lessons learned about life and love.

One of her most famous songs, Home for Christmas, has become a modern Christmas tradition for everyone who is travelling home, are staying home or wish they were going home, for Christmas.

It’s been 10 years since Maria Mena released Home for Christmas. Since then, the song was voted the best Christmas song of the decade in 2019 by NRKp3 and earned a certified five times platinum.

To celebrate the anniversary, a Norwegian version of the song, Jula Hjemme, was released 11th December, translated by poet and Mena’s close friend Trygve Skaug.

Perhaps Home for Christmas and Jula Hjemme will give some comfort for everyone who are experiencing a different Christmas this year.

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Top photo: Morgan Norman