Top Track: Jonas Hibiki – Someone Toulouse

Jonas Hibiki is the solo project of Jonas Gripsrud Hjelmeland, a 22-year-old producer, songwriter and artist from Bergen. When not producing hip hop tracks for younger brother Macho Mayne, Hibiki makes bedroom pop infused with psych rock, jazz and funk – his newest song Someone Toulouse is a perfect capsule of all those influences.

The song was written by Hibiki and fellow Norwegian Leon Merluzzo after the two casually got together and tossed around ideas in the studio.

Hibiki’s sound is restless, landing somewhere in the synth-pop world, but incorporating elements from funk, hip-hop, rock and other genres – anything sound that sparks an idea in this omnivorous producer’s mind.

Someone Toulouse is the first track from his forthcoming debut album due to be released in 2021 on GEMS Records, a new venture from the Brilliance Records team.

Enjoy the guitars, watery synths and lightly soulful vocals of Someone Toulouse, released 23rd October!

Top photo: Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes