Top Track: ISÁK – Ain Du

ISÁK has been a hype in Sápmi music for a long time, renowned for their energetic live shows and intense presence. Since their debut in 2017 the trio has experienced an overwhelming response in Norway, and now the «sensation from Sápmi» is finally ready to take on the rest of the world with their newest song Ain Du (Still Yours). The song takes on the issue of climate change, whilst asking you to dance.

“The song is a love declaration to the earth. It reminds us that we must not forget, in the midst of the pandemic, that there is another vast challenge in the world,” says Ella, vocalist of ISÁK.

ISÁK consists of vocalist Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen, producer Daniel Eriksen (Alan Walker, The Wombats) and drummer Aleksander Kostopoulos (Mari Boine, Moddi, Adjagas, Pil & Bue). The trio is considered to be a natural successor after Mari Boine, whose song Elle the group famously covered at the Norwegian Grammy Awards (Spellemann) in 2018.

With a new and exciting fusion of traditional yoik, urban synths and a text universe that combines both English and Sami, ISÁK continues to push the limits of Sami music. The band dropped their debut album Ealàn last year, to great reviews.

ISÁK has been described as “the hottest name in Sápmi music” by the influential folk festival Riddu Riddu. They were named winner of “NRK Urbi” by a jury consisting of music director Mats Borch Bugge (NRK P3) and Eirik Havelin from NRK Urørt (New music of the week) among others. The band also won «Best New Music” during the Sami Music Awards in 2018.

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Top image: akam1k3