Top Track: I SEE RIVERS – We Don’t Get More Time

The multi-instrumentalist ‘float-pop’ trio I SEE RIVERS are renowned for encapsulating audiences with their interweaving harmonies and distinctive Nordic folk rock sound, which over time has evolved with heavier production and indie-electronic influences.

Originally from Norway, Eline, Gøril and Lill met in Liverpool while studying. Now, they have settled in Tenby after falling in love with the Welsh Coastline during the recording of their first EP. The enthusiasm for these girls has been great amongst critics, acclaiming their live sessions as well as their musical soundscape with synchronised, blended vocal arrangements and flawless instrumentation.

‘We Don’t Get More Time’ is the third single from I SEE RIVERS’ debut album, which is due for release in 2020. The song is a comment on the global warming crisis that is affecting our world today. As the band comments:

“Climate change surrounds us all. Seeing how much the glacier ice has melted right outside our window in Norway has been a shocking eye-opener for us, and people are affected in so many different ways wherever they are. This song formed from fear of all these changes and knowing that so many people in power are ignoring the problem.”

Photo credits: Ollie Couling.

I SEE RIVERS will be playing in London at The Half Moon Putney in London on January 28th.