Top Track: Gabifuego – Vamos

The Norwegian-Chilean guitarist Gabriel Nystad Muñoz, was best known as the guitarist of indie-pop sensation boy pablo before he decided to go solo under the artist name Gabifuego – a combination of Gabi from his name and fuego, meaning flames.

Singing in Spanish and inspired by Latin-America’s reggaeton, his latest single Vamos is another example of his experimentation with the genre and embracing his Spanish-speaking side.

“I wrote this track with my good friend Lasse Lokøy (Sløtface, girl in red). It’s about escaping with your girl and travelling around the world together. It’s about falling in love with someone and wanting to do everything with them,” he says.

Gabriguego’s debut EP Romanticas is out on 2nd October through 777 MUSIC.

Top photo: Einar Mølmann Fuglem