Top Track: Emma Steinbakken – Dance

Not every teenager gets to live out the dream of being a pop artist whilst also attending high school. Emma Steinbakken is mastering the art of balancing both, and released her new song Dance earlier this summer.

“‘Dance’ is about one of my close friends. She doesn’t care about what other people think and does her own thing, which I think is very cool,” Emma says.

Born in 2003, Emma debuted with the song Not Gonna Cry in 2018 after being discovered during a school performance of the musical “Annie”. Since then her songs have gotten million of streams and she has toured countries in Europe as well as playing in the UK and festivals in Norway.

Emma was nominated for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at P3 Gull in 2019 and has gained attention in the press for her noticeable success at such a young age.

Dance is written by Emma herself, Jocke Berg and Ole Torjus Hofvind. The song was recorded in September last year and is produced by Jonny Coffer who has worked with major artists such as Beyoncé and Rita Ora.

Top photo: Robin Bøe