Top Track: ARY – Moth to a Flame

Five years ago, solo artist ARY was one of the most up-and-coming artist in Norway. She played at Øya, By:Larm and Slottsfjell festival. Then everything went quiet – until last summer, releasing Oh My God and kakofoni.

After a needed break, ARY is back on her own terms and with new music, written and produced by herself. Her newest song Moth to a Flame was released last week, to fans delight and instantly grabbed media’s attention.

Moth to a Flame is written, performed and produced by ARY and co-produced by Vetle Junker. Check it out!

Want to know ARY a bit better? In the video below by Music Norway, ARY talks about who inspired her to produce her music herself, some of the challenges as a female producer and one advice to young artists.

This is no doubt the last time we’ll hear from ARY!
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Top photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise