Top Track: Anna of the North – Someone Special

Someone Special is taken from Anna of the North’s latest EP Believe, produced and recorded at her home this year. The song, inspired by the ongoing uncertainty following the pandemic, has Anna’s characteristic dreamy vocals accompanied by her father playing the piano.

“‘Someone Special’ was written when the corona pandemic shut down borders. The song is inspired by that feeling of uncertainty. Of not knowing. During times like these we really get feeling of how fragile we are. In the big picture we might feel insignificant. But you are always special to someone,” Anna says.

This Norwegian shooting star has, among other things, toured with Kygo, and completed support work for Justin Bieber. In addition, the Gjøvik girl has toured around the world and collaborated with international stars such as Tyler, The Creator and G-Eazy, to name a few. Her debut album Lovers was released in 2017, and gained rave reviews around the world.

The 31-year-old has in recent years managed to make a name for herself internationally, her song “Dream girl” was recently used in an Apple commercial.

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Top image: Lisa Alexandra