Poem of the Week: Henrik Wergeland – Omen accipio


My house is now a sacred place
A swallow flew inside,
Swift and merry as the thought
Darting through my mind.

They both came down from Heaven,
And could my thought be known
It would be gold blue like the swallow,
Or white as the snow.

Mate and mate together.
One happy omen more.
For nothing good arrives alone,
As has been said before.

Innocence and tenderness
Looking for a home.
A blessing on my dwelling,
They made my house their own!


Nu blev mit Huus velsignet:
en Svale fløj derind,
saa snar og glad som Tanken,
der gjennemfoer mit Sind.

De Begge kom fra Himlen.
Lod sig min Tanke see,
den guldblaa var som Svalen,
eller hvid som Sne.

Og Mage kom med Mage.
Det var et Varsel meer.
Thi noget Godt ei kommer
alene, siges der.

Uskyldighed og Ømhed
just søgte sig et Hjem.
Held dig, min nye Hytte,
at du behagte dem!

Translated by Annabelle Despard.

From Henrik Wergeland (1808–1845), Mindre Digte i udvalg, H. Aschehoug & Co.s Forlag, Kristiania 1897.

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