Minus Me – a thirteen-year old and her bucket list

Thirteen-year old Linda is a kid like anyone else, whose life is turned upside-down. During a diving contest, Linda is informed she has a rare heart condition, and her only way to recovery is a heart transplant.

Like any human being, the young teenager is forced to think of her life, and despite her parent’s wishes, she refuses to spend her precious life as a frail and fragile being. Linda wants to live life to the full, and want to do all the things any thirteen-year old should: she wants to have her first kiss, go to concert, travel on her own and lots more. She makes her “bucket list” and start crossing off one item after the next.

Linda meets Zak, who end up being the only one she can truly share her thoughts with. Zak is there when Linda’s friends do not dare join her on her adventures, but he seems truly mysterious to Linda. Is he good or is he bad? How come he is there for her in a way no one else is? Who is Zak really?

Ingelin Røssland has once again written a gripping book about finding yourself in the world, aimed at young readers. As well as presenting a story that is engaging and addictive to its audience, the story of Linda raises questions of life and death, of love and friendship and of finding your own identity in times of trouble. As with Røsseland’s previous titles, Minus Me has all the makings of becoming a phenomenon teens talk about.

Ingelin Røssland is an award-winning and critically-acclaimed Norwegian author, actor and journalist. She debuted as a writer in 1998 with a Young Adult novel, If You Will, which received a number of awards, and was been translated into several languages. Her fourth book, Handgranateple, was awarded Røssland the Sunnmørsprisen prize, and was listed in the 2008 IBBY Honours List. In 2007 she was awarded the Sigmund Skardbotn scholarship and Guro Sand Valley’s Literature Prize. Røsseland currently lives in Stockholm.

Minus Me is currently out on Oneworld Publications’ Rock the Boat imprint. ISBN 9781780746944