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Picture a bright, Norwegian summer night where the darkness never settles and nature blooms between the mountains. Maybe you’re on a hytte, dancing around in the grass to the folk rhythms of a fast playing fiddler. Sounds like a dream, right? Now, we can’t offer you the Nordic midsummer (yet), but there are Norwegian fiddlers on tour in the UK this month.


Since The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, as the group is called, started playing together in 2009, they swiftly gained reputation for their gripping and unique blend of fiddle music. The trio from Norway, Sweden and the Shetland Islands, are comprising of Olav Luksengård Mjelva (Norway), Anders Hall (Sweden) and Kevin Henderson (Shetland Islands). Each of them regarded as leading musicians of their respective traditions, and performing together as a trio their cultural heritage melts into a new Nordic tune.

The three home countries of the musicians, have some of the richest fiddle traditions in the world, with documented historical links going back hundreds of years. Together The Nordic Fiddlers Block are seeking to bring these traditions alive, and to present them in a new, dynamic and meaningful fashion. The musical result has been described as “unique”, “meaningful” and “intense”. The trio is said to be clever in their use of harmony, rhythm, riffs and bass lines; it is at times hard to believe that three fiddlers alone can produce such music.

April this year the trio released their second album. A promising album, one should think, as the trio earlier has received great critical acclaim. For example in The Herald, who wrote “Those who know Shetlander Kevin Henderson’s work with with [his earlier group] Fiddlers’ Bid will not be surprised that he’s found two partners in his adopted Scandinavian home whose fiddling blends with his own like beautifully judged voices. Olav Luksengard Mjelva and Anders Hall bring, respectively, Hardanger and octave fiddles plus standard fiddle and viola to the trio’s armoury, and the result is not just the singing quality they achieve but a rich group sound that suggests occasional bassoon and harmonium on tunes that are by turns fleet fingered, atmospheric, gracefully keening and gleefully conspiratorial”.

Besides the London concert, The Nordic Fiddlers Block will also do concerts in South Devon (26 April) and in Fareham (28 April), before continuing their tour in Scotland. The trio begins their Scotland tour in Denholm (29 April), before continuing in Kilbarchan (30 April), Edinburgh (30 April), Portnahaven on Islay (1 May), Edinburgh (3 May), Inverness (4 May), Skye (5 May), before ending the tour in Glassel (6 May).

Top photo: Igvil Skeie Ljones


Heath Street Baptist Church







Wednesday 27 April, doors at 7.30 pm, concert at 8.15 pm





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