Slutface Boosting With Confidence

at Sebright Arms

Up and coming pop-punk band, Slutface, returns to London to play at Sebright Arms on 1 March. Brimming with confidence, this Norwegian band is sure to put on a show to remember.


Scrawny punk-rockish garage sound and edgy, in your face charisma. Known to have distributed T-shirts emblazoned with “F**k Zooey Deschanel” at gigs, vocalist Haley Shea is certainly not afraid of voicing her opinions, even if she has to shout them. Since they did a brilliant show at Øya last summer, the band has had quite a few gigs, with several to come in the UK. Their concerts has been described as intimate and high –energy, and furiously exciting according to The Quietus.

Why the name, you might ask? According to the Stavanger-based band, the name is a tribute to the riot grrl-movement, and the opposite of what they really are. “We’re excited to see who comes to see the show for a band called Slutface in London, because in Norway our name is not a big deal, people really haven’t thought about our name that much. Then we come here and it’s suddenly the reason that people come to see out show” vocalist Shea said in an interview with Gigwise last autumn.

Since Slutface released their single Get My Own in 2015, it has rapidly been adopted as a feminist anthem: “We refuse to be scared to walk home alone. We refuse to say we’re okay; we won’t be subdued.” According to vocalist Haley Shea, the song is “direct in saying women deserve more space than we are given. And we’re going to step up and take it.”

Last November the band released their first video to the single Shave My Head, the title cut from their new A/B-side. The video plays out in manic monochrome, soundtracked by Shea singing “I’d never shave my head for you, I’d never shave my head for you…” Curious to know whether in fact Shea did shave her head? Watch the video here:

In addition to their London gig, Slutface will also do concerts in the following cities: Liverpool (25 February), Plumtree (26 February), Glasgow (28 February) and Newcastle (29 February).



Sebright Arms







Tuesday 1 March, doors open at 7 PM





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