Ørnulf Opdahl

at Purdy Hicks Gallery, London / Gallagher & Turner Gallery, Newcastle

Two selling exhibitions of works by Norwegian painter Ørnulf Opdahl – one of the foremost artists working in Scandinavia today – open in London and Newcastle this November. Purdy Hicks Gallery, in South Kensington, London, will show a selection of new oils by Opdahl, displaying the vast and majestic landscapes of the west coast of Norway, where the artist lives and works.

And Gallagher & Turner in Newcastle is staging an exhibition of the artist’s recent watercolour paintings, a medium which truly highlights his ability to capture those luminous atmospheres through washed textures and incandescent colour. Together, the exhibitions illustrate perfectly Opdahl’s attachment to the landscape of the Sunmore mountains and nearby fjords of the artist’s native Ålesund.

Top photo: Light and Shadow in the Fjord by Ørnulf Opdahl

What, where & when: London


Purdy Hicks Gallery
25 Thurloe Street


Ørnulf Opdahl: New Paintings
22 November – 20 December 2019



Purdy Hicks Gallery



What, where & when: Newcastle


Gallagher & Turner
30 St Mary’s Place
Newcastle upon Tyne


Ørnulf Opdahl: Landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere
28 November – 18 January 2019



Gallagher & Turner