Northern Lights: Voices from the Arctic

at Free Word Centre, London

The Arctic climate is transforming at an alarming rate – with rising temperatures, melting ice and changing ecosystems. Areas that were previously inaccessible are now opening up and bringing changes to the economy and communications. Life for local inhabitants is changing fast.


On 28 November Highlight Arts and Free Word Centre is presenting an evening of poetry, performance and films from and about the circumpolar North as a part of their series ‘Living Dangerously, Stories of Climate Change’.

Following COP22 – The United Nation’s Climate Conference 2016 – Jessie Kleemann, Inuit poet and performance artist, and Niillas Holmberg, Sámi poet, musician, actor and activist will perform work that reflects on the Arctic region and the current global political issues that it is facing.

After the performances, two films will be presented about life in Arctic communities; Pitaqangittuq and Hollow Earth. The latter is made by Tromsø-based artists Emiliya Skarnulyte and Tanya Busse, and is filmed i Northern Norway.


Free Word Centre, London




28 November, 6.45pm – 9pm



£3-5. Book here.

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