Nordic Jazz Comets

at EFG London Jazz Festival

During the final weekend of EFG London Jazz Festival, the 2018 edition of the Nordic Jazz Comets showcase and seminar takes place at the Barbican Centre.


The Nordic Jazz Comets project is about presenting the future of Nordic jazz in annual showcases since year 2000. The Nordic Jazz Comets is a collaboration of the Nordic jazz organizations. The Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, Danish and Swedish comets and have previously been set ablaze on the main jazz stages in the Nordic capitals, and in 2017 the orbit spread to Berlin and will now plan for their next european point. Catch performances from Norwegian BounceAlarm, Finnish Signe, Icelandic Baldvin Snær, Swedish Don-Qui Five and Danish I Just Came from the Moon.


Barbican Centre




2:00-7:00 pm



Free admission.

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