Nordic DeLights – a touch of the northern light in London

at venues across Soho

Discover true Northern Lights as photographer Anne Katrine Senstad and performance artist Marita Isobel Solberg join eleven Nordic light artists in lighting up Soho this January.


Aurora Borealis, better known as “the northern lights” is world famous for its spectacular colors and majestic appearance. No wonder why people travel to the far and frigid north to see the sights, but this January, you don’t have to travel further than busy Soho to feel the presence of the phenomenon.

London enters 2018 aglow, as two of Norway’s finest artist are lighting up the teeming capital together with eleven contemporary artists from the Nordic countries.

Colour Synesthesia VII, 2015 © Anne Katrine Senstad

Colour Synesthesia VII, 2015 © Anne Katrine Senstad

Oslo-born Anne Katrine Senstad is one of Norway’s most accomplished artists and photographers, especially known for her minimalistic and site/time specific art shown through light installations, video, abstract photography, and land art. At Nordic DeLights, Senstad invites us into realms of light and sound through the audio-visual installation “Colour Synthesia VII”. Here, the audience become enveloped in color through mirrored reflections in a historic stone structure.

Marita Isobel Solberg’s performances are based on local folk traditions and the human condition, a versatility shaped by the artist’s rather special upbringing; born in Tromsø, but with a mix of Sàmi, Swedish, Finnish and North-Norwegian life. Her deeply engaging performances address human fears and passions, transcending cultural differences, while at the same time respecting them. In “Okta Jietnacuivga / A Light Voice”, Solberg unites performance, voice and light to carry the native language and dialects from the northern end of Norway, and transform them into electrical signals that will turn into songs of light.

Okta Jietnacuavga / A Light Voice, 2018 © Marita Isobel Solberg

Okta Jietnacuavga / A Light Voice, 2018 © Marita Isobel Solberg

The concept “Nordic DeLights”, combines a light festival creating mesmerizing installations with unique visual dialogues. Nordic DeLights promise not only to celebrate the diversity of Soho, “the most creative square mile in the world”, but to also provide a cosy and intimate event engaging local communities with international art.

With the expertise of curator Vassiliki Tzanakou, a selected range of six eclectic venues for all the artists site-specific installations, has been sorted out; including a local church, academic institutions, a private members club and creative agencies. The festival will empower unique visual dialogues under the unifying power of light, from the most innovative and cutting edge contemporary Nordic Artists.


Zero One | Anne Katrine Senstad & Vesa-Pekka Rannikko
2. Kingsway College | Jesper Kongshaug
3. St Anne’s Church | Pink Twins & Jarno Vesala
4. Garage Gallery | Ragnar Mar Nikulasson
5. Blacks Club | Taneli Rautiainen, Hans Rosenstrom & Timo Vaittinen
6. Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design | Marita Isobel Solberg, Oskar Koliander, Jakob Kvist & Hans Erik Madsen

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