Match&Fuse – a festival across genres and countries

It’s a compelling idea. Take an artist, band or orchestra from one country and let them perform with likeminded musicians from another country. Each band can introduce its audience to each other. New, creative collaborations may flourish. The Match&Fuse festival pretty much faciliates speed-dating for the music industry.

The festival’s ethos is to “dissolve barriers between genres and countries”, and provides an excellent opportunity to hear the best of underground European artists fused together. This October, for the 4th year running, Mathc&Fuse returns to London from 15 to 17 October with over 20 artists and bands on display.

The innovative touring network has operated across six European countries since 2011, and the London festival will showcase an array of up and coming bands with a love for collaborations. As jazzer and producer Dave Morecroft puts it, the festival consists of: “trash, improv, electronica, vocals – progressive music from the UK and European underground scenes… it’s all about energy, edge, experimentation and straight-out enthusiasm.”

Norway has a strong presence at the yearly event, much thanks to co-producer Eirik Tofte who sadly plassed away in 2013. In his memory the Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchetra formed in 2014, and will perform on all three days of the festival. Always surprising and unconventional, the orchestra will have a changing line-up of musicians every night.

Other Norwegian acts include Kjetil Traavik Møster’s freejazz bridged with Hungary’s JÜ’s hardcore rock. Natali Abrahamsen Garner from Norway can be seen together with UK’s Snack Family which is a brand new collaboration. The Jist are in the UK for the first time, and will perform with Rachel Mousson (UK) in a dynamic, free flowing eletro-acoustic show. Additionally, Interstatic will bring their intene sonic landscapes to London.

See the whole programme here, and have a listen to the Match&Fuse playlist:


Various venues in London




15-17 October



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