Match&Fuse London 2016

at seven venues in London

Since its beginning in 2011, the Match&Fuse festival has grown into a daring festival that gives up-and-coming stars in the music industry a chance to showcase their talents


This year is no exception. 28-29 October Match&Fuse opens its doors once again. Musicians from 14 countries are ready for two full days of gigs in seven venues across London.

Amongst the versatile programme this year, there are some talented Norwegians worth getting to know:

Krokofant (NO)

This Norwegian trio plays energetic and explosive jazz rock and consistes of Tom Hasslan on guitar, Jørgen Mathisen on saxophone and Axel Skalstad on drums. They describe their music as ‘heavily rooted in the 1970 jazz rock sound, with strong references to King Crimson, early Mahavishnu, John Zorn and Peter Brötzmann. An expression that hits both rock audiences and freejazzers.’ Their second album Krokofant || came out in 2015, and they have played on many of the most important European jazz festivals.

“Young, fun and ready to stun, Norwegian power trio Krokofant white knuckle an adrenaline rush of kinetic riffs that straddle prog rock, jazz and heinous skronk. Back with their second eponymous album, they craftily match face-melting intensity and infectious melodies”
Jazzwise (UK)

Skrap (NO)

Skrap, who consists of Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck on tuba and effects, and Anja Lauvdal on synths, is creating music that flows on the border between jazz and electronica. Or in their own words: ‘Skrap searches for resistance within the eclectic in music. This apparent contradiction result is an exploration of popular musical building blocks, interspersed with various musical elements such as sampling, field recordings and tiny compositions in-between the improvisational work.’

Antler (NO)

The Oslo/Trondheim based trio making smooth and catchy jazz will play a gig on Saturday. With Axel Skalstad on drums, Johna Lindvall on synths and Natali Abrahamsen Garner on velvety smooth vocals, they are ready to sway you away this weekend. ‘Antler is a small band with a big sound. Minimal synth pop which is personal without being sentimental. Antler’s music moves in waves between hypnotizing drones, beats and art pop. Antler’s music moves you’.

Horse Orchestra (DK/IS/NO)

This Copenhagen based mix of Nordic jazz musicians ‘combines elements from different parts of the history of jazz with boundary-pushing experiments and free improvisation. Classical compositions from 1920’s New Orleans and Chicago meet 1960’s free jazz (with detours to all sorts of musical movements such as baroque music) and creates an original, post-modern, and not least humorous style. ‘

Their debut album Living the Dream received international acclaim, and won two awards at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2015, New Name of The Year and Special Release of The Year. The jury said:


This band consists of young musicians who have no respect for conventions. They do as they please without looking to what other musicians do. One moment they may plunge into New Orleans compositions from the 1920’s, and the next moment jazz from 1960’s Chicago, playing both styles with equal conviction – while at the same time adding to the music a personal and original touch [….] No doubt the band has a twinkle in the eye, and that they are determined to “conquer the world”.


Horse Orchestra was founded in 2011 and consists of young musicians from Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Norway:  Erik Kimestad Pedersen on trumpet, Ingimar Andersen on saxophones, Petter Hängsel on trombone, Kristian Tangvik on tuba, Jeppe Zeeberg on piano, Nicolai Kaas Claesson on bass and Rune Lohse on drums

Do not miss these great gigs on Match&Fuse London 2016!






28-29 October 2016



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