Maria Lothe & Co explores permaculture in new dance piece

at The Place

Questioning current environmental, social and political topics through the medium of art, Maria Lothe & Co present their new work Can You Hear the Sound of the Flowers? as part of Resolution 2017.


London based Maria Lothe & Co’s new piece Can You Hear the Sound of the Flowers? explores permaculture and sustainability through movement, sound and visual arts and is the result of a close collaboration between dance artists, researchers, visual artists and composers from across Europe. The dance piece is performed as part of Resolution 2017, a festival for emerging artists at The Place in London.

Permaculture takes its inspiration from ecological systems and patterns in nature. Through its ethics and principles, permaculture provides practical methods of how to develop sustainable human environments.

Maria Lothe & Co., Can You Hear the Sound of the Flowers? Photo: Maria Lothe

Maria Lothe & Co., Can You Hear the Sound of the Flowers? Photo: Maria Lothe

Looking at the role of the body in our modern society, the dance piece questions the relationship between body and nature, and weather the body can act as a catalyst towards a more sustainable future. Using the principles of permaculture and the idea that all small parts play a role towards the bigger, different movement scores arise and change as the piece unravels, exploring how we can work together to build sustainable communities.

Through collaboration with three visual designers, the piece includes a projected painting, inspired by nature and city landscape, as well as a set design made of recycled and found materials, bringing new meaning and life to old objects.

Resolution is the UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists, presenting bold ideas and movements. Maria Lothe & Co will perform on Thursday 23 February, together with Jair Ramirez and The Rebirth network.


The Place




Can You Hear the Sound of the Flowers?


Thursday 23 February, 8pm



£15/£11. Book here.

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