Enslaved tour the UK and Ireland

Deeply steeped in their Viking ancestry, Enslaved have been building their momentum slowly, but surely. After a few very productive years that have no doubt been stimulating to the band’s creativeness, Enslaved are ready to take on the UK and Ireland once more with a six date tour, kicking off in Bristol this Wednesday.

Ever since the humble beginnings in the remote coastal village of Sveio in western Norway in 1991, guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and singer/bassist Grutle Kjellson have made up the core of the band. Ever since the 1990s Enslaved evolved their style more or less with every album, from hard, Viking-inspired Black Metal on the debut album Vikingligr Veldi, diving deeper into their Viking roots with 1994’s Frost, before exploring more progressive elements and classic rock features throughout the 2000s, notably from 2003’s Below The Lights. Up until this year’s In Times, Enslaved’s 13th studio album, the band have been involved in numbers of projects, among them a commissioned piece for Norway’s 200 year’s celebration of the constitution, together with Viking folk band Wardruna, named Skuggsja.

What has been a consistent through changes in styles and line-ups, however, is a dedicated and professional approach to their project, a close and strong relationship to their fans, and an “no rules” approach to Extreme Metal, constantly exploring and expanding their horizon within the genre.

Live, Enslaved is a band who consistently put out a compact yet massive sound, delivered with excellent musicianship and dedication. As they endeavour on their back-to-back six day tour of the UK and Ireland together with Swedish heavy metal outfit Grand Magus, concert goers all over the British Isles are no doubt in for a mighty experience from some of the most outstanding performers in the field.

Tour dates:

23 September Bristol, Marble Factory
24 September London, O2 Islington Academy
25 September Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
26 September Dublin, Button Factory
27 September Manchester, Academy 3
28 September Brighton,  Concorde 2



Bristol, London, Wolverhampton, Dublin, Manchester and Brighton



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September 23 – 28






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