Deathcrush Tour the UK

at numerous UK locations

Variously described as ‘raw’, ‘cool’, ‘gritty’ and ‘outrageously sexy’, Deathcrush are a female-fronted three-piece from Oslo with a reputation for delivering memorably out-of-the-ordinary live performances.


Touring the UK this autumn with their riotous brand of no-wave noise-rock, the band has been steadily building a dedicated fan base and attracting international attention as the sound of 21st-century punk. According to MTV, the band “delivers energy as if all members just ate AA batteries”, whereas online music hub The Quietus described them simply as “one of the coolest bands I’ve ever seen.”


Celebrated for their expressive vocals, uncompromising noise and sheer, rowdy entertainment value, Deathcrush began their music career with a European tour before they’d even released so much as a download. In 2013, the trio (comprising Åse Røyset and Lynn Nystadnes on guitar and drummer Vidar Evensen) began releasing a stream of singles. Their most recent, ‘Lesson #16 for Beatmaster v/Fun’, was named ‘Best Music Video’ at the Atlanta Film Festival. Now, Deathcrush is ready to wow the UK. (Or at least give it an unforgettable night out.)


Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich, Birmingham, London




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