Darlene & Me by Anja Niemi

at The Little Black Gallery

In her new series Darlene & Me, currently on show at the Little Black Gallery, Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi explores the relationship we have with ourselves.


The idea behind the series was born when Niemi happened to find a suitcase from 1959. The suitcase once belonged to a beauty counselor, and although the make-up in the suitcase appears to be untouched, fingerprints are visible on two of the lipsticks. It turns out the only sales that the owner made were to herself…

Turning the owner of the suitcase into her own fictional character (Darlene), Niemi moves out to a house in the Californian desert to explore her character. In her work, Niemi fascinatingly enough functions both as photographer, subject and director for her images, aiming for absolute control.

This is Niemi’s third exhibition with The Little Black Gallery and she is now one of the galleries most popular and successful photographers worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to see her work in the flesh!

For an interview and more images of Niemi visit Channel 4!


The Little Black Gallery,
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15 January – 10 March
Open Tuesday & Thursday 11am – 1pm & 2 – 6pm
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