Apothek – electronica with a twist

at Pickle Factory, London

Floating somewhere between electro and pop, this Norwegian duo sets sails for UK bringing with them their brand new debut LP


After impressing the critics at Øya Festival in August, Apothek releases their debut album ‘Apothek’ on 30 September. The record holds a mix of smooth, silky tones and rough electronic vibes.

The duo consists of singer/songwriter Morten Myklebust and the producer Nils Martin Larsen, and their debut album is the result of many years of work.

“All over the record, we had this mantra that what felt like an integral part of the band’s sound was trying to make acoustic sounds sound really mechanical and mechanical sounds sound acoustic,” Larsen says. “We spent a lot of time re-amping synths, running them through different gritty effects and trying to make my old piano sound like a strange synth.”

The album features previous singles Family, Waiting For The Thunder and Reunion, the latter appearing in Spotify’s ‘Spotlight for 2016’ and reaching the Top 20 on Hypermachine’s Now Chart.

The critics are in line to praise Apothek:


“So joyously epic” The Guardian

“Icy, luscious electronica with unexpected melodic 
turns… a fascinating listen.”

“Stirring both aesthetically and lyrically, with a confidence that 
evades other artists early on.”  
– Stereogum

“Shimmering, electronica with killer hooks and classical complexity”  – The Sunday Times

“A full-on existential brood. The chorus glistens with arpeggiated runs and Myklebust’s
double-and-triple tracked heavenly chorus of a voice… It’s the hugeness of this
moment which points to Apothek’s ambition”
– The Line Of Best Fit


On 25 October you can experience this new favorite at the Pickle Factory in London. This is their only gig in the UK, so make sure you’ll get a spot!



The Pickle Factory





7.30 pm



£8,50. Buy here.

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