Honningbarna punk up the festive season

at The Old Blue Last, London


The folk at Ja Ja Ja London are clearly feeling festive. They’ve upgraded their monthly club night to a full-on Christmas extravaganza on Thursday 26th at the Lexington, and included a free extra night of seasonal shenanigans at the Old Blue Last on Wednesday 25th. The Shoreditch club will be the temporary home of Norwegian punk-rock outfit Honningbarna (‘Honey Children’ to non-Norwegian speakers), alongside a twinset of Nordic friends: shamelessly noisy Icelanders Pink Street Boys and Denmark’s brother-fronted bards of despair Get Your Gun.

Honningbarna, despite their candied name, are one of Norway’s most exciting and ferocious live bands, fully dedicated to their ‘fast and loud’ sound – as testified by their newest album, Opp De Nye Blanke. This untamed band are experts at ensuring every performance is unique, so we highly recommend following their own modest advice: “Go and see a band that, for once, makes concerts fun. It’ll be the best night of your life.”

Get to know the band intimately in this personal (and very funny) photo diary, courtesy of Ja Ja Ja Nordic…

05:30 – Up and at ‘em. Time to do some handy work.
07:00 – Get your maritime headwear – a little regatta with the boys.
10:00 – Some horseback riding in the hills of Trinidad, Cuba.
12:00 – Trash the party at the Swedish embassy in Havana
13:00 – Stopping by Kabul for lunch
14:30 – Sell out
14:30 – Living a soft lifestyle
16:00 – Fool Norway’s biggest newspaper (and the rest of the national media) to believe you got bit by a cobra, when you, in reality, just have a migraine.
17:00 – Hang out with Syrian refugees
20:00 – Dress up with best friends
20:30 – Shuffle some cards with best friends
23:00 – Play rock music


The Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3ES





7.30pm, 25 November



Free entry

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